Don’t Tell Jim It’s Me

*Looks over both shoulders to make sure the coast is clear*
Why isn’t there a more silent way to type?! Urghh!!!
Hello it’s me, the heart of Jim. No, no, not the guy who owns this blog and the two others –sighs and caresses forehead with thumb and index fingers while elbow rests on the deskbut the actual heart of Jim. You know… his Lady💁🏽.
Okay fine, I’m not his lady lady but as the best friend of a single with no signs of dating anytime soon dude, I’m pretty much the only lady in his life. [Apart from his mum and his sister though; he loves those two to bits]

So I overheard Jim talk to his friend, Tim,lol funny righton the phone yesterday. I didn’t mean to listen in on their conversation. It’s not my fault he didn’t know I was behind the door. 

Anyway, my eavesdropping paid off as I heard Jim say something about surprising me on Valentine’s – that’s tomorrow!!! C’mon guys! You don’t really expect that I left that sweet hotspot after hearing this, do you? How sad.
I stayed put, standing behind the door with the widest smile ever. I was eager to know how at all Jim planned on pulling out his ‘surprise’.

I know he is broke at the moment so a box of chocolates was a definite no. This indirectly ruled out taking me out for lunch or dinner also. You see. Guessing was going to be really difficult so I chose to continue listening. Don’t judge me. 

I’m betting Tim was just as curious as I was because of the sentence Jim voiced out,I know, I know. You don’t have to remind me that I’m broke charle, but with what I’m getting her there will be no need for any wallet work. It’s simple, I write and she’s pretty cool with her pen also. So I’d just create one more blog and ask her to be a co-author on there
I know right!!!!!! I get a blog for Valentine’s!!!! How cool is that!!!
What’s cooler is that I’m typing on that blog right now!! And it’s not even Valentine’s Day. Hold up! I can’t stop giggling! Ha!

Let me explain.
Jim is out on an errand right now; he’s getting carrots from the mall for dinner tonight. Please stop thinking that. 😦 Jim can’t cook, his mum would. And I’m over at his place.
So, when this idea to open my present early hit me, all I had to do was turn on Jim’s laptopI know the passcode obviously, like I said ‘heart of Jim’and then type in the URL of this blog [thank you Tim :-)] then log into the blog as Jim. The last part was easy because Jim uses the same password for everything, even after I told him it isn’t safe.

And here we are, me typing as fast as I can so I can log out and wait till when next Jim opens the blog. I don’t know if he’ll get mad. 😂😂 And you, my new friends, are reading what happens to be the sneaky first post of the Two Writers, One Pen Blog. I’m not too sure what ideas Jim has for this blog but as much as I want to I can’t ask him, else he’ll be on to me. So just hang in there my dears.

 I really should get going lest Jim comes to meet me. This was fun. Till when Jim cools off after this stunt.🌹❤️

Love, Jim’s Valentine- lol I hope he doesn’t regret honouring me like this.

Valentine’s Day came too soon. Click here to read how the day went for our favorite best friends: February, 14th

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