With Love, Your Best friend.

Hey You,
Before you continue reading, we want you to know that your smile is beautiful.

So it’s been two days after I pulled that stunt of mine and thinking about it still makes me laugh just as loud. Oh Jim.
I won’t lie, I so haven’t planned for this post. Nothing really happened today. Jim is boring you see. Take away his music, pen, and game pads and you’d see how boring his life is. Not to blow my own horn but I’m the funnest thing Jim does. Loving me and holding me dear to you has to be fun doesn’t it? You better say yes!!
I felt guilty about making Jim go through all that trouble on Valentine’s. He’s just too sweet for his own good. So!!! I wrote him a poem. Do indulge me as I borrow the pen.

When I look back at the months that together has passed us by
I can’t imagine looking at that memory bubble with you no where in sight
Time spent with you can always be regained because you’d always be nigh
If time is money then I’d be filthy rich -you really don’t love to bath, Jim- but I’d never stop investing my hours in you, alright?
I don’t mind that you’re the knight without the shining armour
You chose me even though you knew I was being hunted by karma
My past ain’t pretty yet you watered my dirt and grew a flower
And now I blossom, Jim, my scars made noise but your heart beat louder
Now you know why I like to rest my ears on your chest
Your heart speaks what my mind is afraid to and so in your rib cage is where I crave the most to rest
I know I’m not your missing rib oh gosh I hope you find her soon at least
I am that annoying bone that always gets stuck in between your teeth
If we audition to act on Disney they’d make you beauty and I would play beast
Only because you’re sweeter than I and that’s why ladies stare at you
You’re eye candy
We’re bitter sweet
With you I can be myself and that’s lit
I found a friend in you and you’re still it
I love you Jim, never forget this.

– With hands on my waist and your ears in between my thumb and index, your ever grateful best friend, me.

Urm, yes so.
I neatly penned that out on an A4 and got it sealed in a white envelope. I gave it to him just before entering my ride home. I didn’t want to get emotional. I already did that on 14th.

What did you get you best friend for Valentine’s?

These past few days have been crazy. Want to follow the story? Start Here: Our Story Begins


2 thoughts on “With Love, Your Best friend.

    1. Yaaaay she likes it! We’re glad you are able to follow us as we upload our updates. It’s really good to know that even for a moment, our story puts a smile on a reader’s face.🌹🌹


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