Clear All Doubts

Hey You, before you read this do cheer up. Everything is going to be okay.

I felt the sun light gently caress my face. I let out a soft moan. I loved how the sun rise each morning gave me the sense of renewal. My extra bed time was suddenly snatched when I heard a “Good morning Sunshine” come from across the room.

I opened my eyes to see Jim drawing the rest of the curtains. I must have dosed off thinking about the envelope I gave him yesterday! He looked fine. “Messed up hair, headphones crowning his neck. And-and boxer shorts?!!” That bit made me giggle out what I thought. “Dude, what time is it? And don’t tell me you left home without your pants.”
His expression was all ‘urmm’ and then he looked at the lower bit of his body. He didn’t even realise he had thrown whatever it is that he was wearing away somewhere. We both burst out laughing.
Now sharing my duvet, Jim looked even more comfortable than me. Great! I wonder what special favours my bed is giving him now. I never get that comfy! Mum came in to remind us that there’s food in the fridge for whenever we decide to eat something. “Take care of my baby, Jim,” mum said. Totally making me feel like a five year old. She blew us a kiss goodbye and left for work.

“You scared me. I woke up this morning to see the chain of texts you left me late last night. Are you okay?” I just realised how much I overreacted and honestly it left me shy. I opened and closed my mouth three times but my mind discarded the explanations that lined up ready to be voiced. Jim looked on with his brows raised and a silly smile growing on his face. I didn’t need to reply for him to realise that I was worried about something. The silence would have continued if Jim hadn’t said “Okay then! Oh yeah the envelope..” – my eyes widened- “I couldn’t read it yesterday.” My jaw fell and with it my silly thoughts. I looked on as he reached his khaki shorts on the floor by the bed and searched through the pockets. He found the envelope and gently broke off the seal. And to think I gave it to him before leaving so that I won’t have to be around when he reads it. And now he’s about to read it in my bed!!

I felt his hand look for mine under the duvet. I made the search easier by giving him my hand. He held on to it tight as he read on. I traced his eyes to the last line of the letter. “- With hands on my waist and your ears in between my thumb and index, your ever grateful best friend, me.” It let him chuckle like I wanted it to. He turned to face me. His eyes were being invaded with tears that looked bent on overflowing their vessel anytime soon. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. I understood him. I also didn’t want him to lest I began the waterworks. He planted and kiss on my forehead that germinated into a wide smile. I allowed myself the comfort of his warmth as we spent the rest of the morning with his arms wrapped around me.

“This reminds me of the weeks at the hospital,” he said after two hours of beautiful silence. “Your back faced me the same way and my arms were wrapped around you. If anyone had told us the week before the incident that we’d end up lying in bed together I know we would have laughed our lips off.” I smiled and with my eyes closed I listened on. “It was that first time that was a little bit unusual. I had always seen you as such a strong person so having you cry in my arms threw me back a little. I remember how long I had to keep up the charade with mum that allowed me stay with you all day for two weeks. Luckily for us, school went on vacation a few days after you were admitted so we didn’t miss much. I used to bring your three squared meals myself relieving the nurse off that duty. I enjoyed stuffing your mouth with that warm hospital food. I’d stand behind the door whenever they had to change your clothes and come back in when you’re all changed up. It wasn’t long till every staff in there started the whole ‘you two are cute together’ trend. We talked all night and slept all morning. And not once did your parents come visit. I bet they would have if they knew where you were. I didn’t have their contact info or anything and so I waited for you to wake up. When you did wake you begged me not to say anything ‘cos your mum would not be able to take the pain you would have caused her.” Jim played with my hair. “She found out later though,” he said. I could hear him smile. “Well both our mums found out. *cue laughter* But the whole thing took them by surprise and their motherly instincts saved us from their otherwise protective rage. After the doctor was certain you could continue recuperating at home, you were discharged. I had grown fond of spending the day with you so I always came over -with the excuse of checking up on you.
And now look at us. The months that came after blessed our friendship and grew it strong.”

I’m hungry Jim. Let’s go have brunch.

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