Turn The Other Cheek

“…..I slapped Jim”

For the first time in my life I wish our parents would be called to the class to come for our report cards like the good old primary school days. I know I prayed for the opposite when I was younger but today is making me eat those words. OUR RESULTS ARE READY!!! Jim doesn’t look half as nervous as I do and I don’t blame him, he’s an almost ‘ straight A’s ‘ student. I on the other hand am as inconsistent as a flickering light bulb. This term I’m on, the next I’m off and usually I know what to expect after writing my papers. This time I don’t. It could go any way and I’m freaking out.

“I have to find a way to keep calm,” I said to Jim. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply. And sure, he didn’t reply. Yet it ticked me off. I looked away from my finger nails and tilted my head upwards. Of course!! His eyes are fixed on the TV. I wonder what boys see in these video games. Whatever it is they do see must be real addictive. Addictive enough to completely forget that I was lying down with my head resting on his laps. I would normally not even try to compete for his attention because I was always first place in his life but this new game; this new game Tim gave him has him smiling at the TV screen with his face mimicking the mask of a clown.
“Arghhhhhh!!!” Jim yelled before dropping his game pad so his hand would be free to rub the reddened spot on his thigh. “Did you just bite me?!” he asked more confused than shocked. “Oh so now you notice me?” I asked. I shook my bum in the most dramatic way I could as I walked away. I bet Jim regretted letting me wear his boxer shorts. I felt much better now.

We decided to wear red to class today. I loved it anytime we twinned up. And yes you guessed right, we read the same course and are in the same classes. Aside the fact that we’re studying something we both love, having the same classes mean that we get to be together before, during and after class. Just plain wonderful. People always complain about how we’re hardly ever apart. They conclude that we don’t quarrel and that’s our secret to being together. Mhern are they wrong!! We quarrel a lot!! And I’m not playing, we do. But that has never affected our bond. No matter how mad I am at her I never walk away. The same with her. We stick to our routines. We still have lunch together, we still do everything together. Even if it’s in silence for a few hours. We are loyal to our friendship and it is loyal to us. We understand how much the other needs this bond we share and so under no circumstance would we starve each other of our presence. With that understanding, we’ve survived the sourest lemons.

A scary thing about today is that the results would be posted all around campus. The scariest thing about today is that if I don’t pull through, I might have to resit a paper or two. That’s no big deal. What is though is the fact that I’d have to go to those classes without Jim. Now that’s scary. The funny thing about it all is that I’m thinking about how bad failing would be while there’s a lecturer clearly passionate about what he’s teaching standing in front of the class. “The first step to passing is listening to the man in front!” my inner voice scolded. I listened to it.

“Jim, tell me what it is already!” Deep down I really didn’t want to know. I had my back facing the notice board relying on Jim’s voice to tell me what I’m supposed to be looking at – my grades. “I’m sorry Love, I’m really sorry.” My jaw dropped wide. “Jim, what do you mean? Why are you saying that? Are you saying I have to resit some papers?” I was already tearing up. I didn’t have the guts to face a resit; and alone too. Jim spun me around immediately he heard me sob and quickly wiped the lone tear that trickled down. I meant to say that ‘I’m really sorry for the paper ‘cos you totally slew it!’

I didn’t know how to feel. My heart was still racing and I was still shook. Jim totally had me there. I legit thought that I had papers to resit and knowing now that it was just a silly joke was relieving. I lost it and before I could stop myself, I slapped Jim.



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