No More Cheeks To Turn

Finally I can go through this semester with no worries. Finding out I hadn’t trailed any of the papers I wrote last semester is great motivation to tackle any new challenges I will encounter in the months ahead. Jim is happy for me. And even though he tries really hard not to show how glad he is I can see through his act. I don’t know why he is still ‘pretend-angry’ anyway. I didn’t slap him that hard.

Meanwhile, in Jim’s head…
I probably deserved the slap that came after the prank I pulled but I am in no mood to admit it. At least not now. This young beautiful beauti… “Hey Jim, I’m sorry for hitting you” she said unaware she just interrupted the talk with my inner voice …ful girl. Oh urmm, don’t worry Love, I know you didn’t mean to. “Oh yes I did mean to slap you! Harder even! Do you know how much you frightened me? Urghhhh, I wish I had slapped you much harder than that.” I couldn’t believe it. How did a simple apology turn violent so quickly? Now I was the one prepping for an apology. “Well played you, well played,” I said as I nodded my head to hint off that I was planning a revenge. Or so I thought.

Jim spent the rest of the week going on and on about how his favourite artiste was set to have an album launch during the weekend. He emphasised that he had to do everything he could to get one of the few invitations that would be given out to the select few. The odds of him even seeing a used invitation card were slimmer than a drug addicts cigar stick. Yet I encouraged him to make it happen. Am I not the best? Jim didn’t think so later that evening.

She walked into our room looking more excited than usual and I couldn’t help but stare. Her smile is the best. I looked on as she dropped the packed dinner on her bed, still with that look on, and walked towards my bed. For some reason we never sort to find, we slept in my bed since school reopened. The rooms on campus start from 4 people per room upwards and so living in an apartment a couple of blocks from school was the option we went for. I waited for her to climb into bed before asking her what the excitement was about. I had a feeling it was something that would excite me too.

It was something that wasn’t going to excite Jim at all. And I hoped smiling would make it better. I breathed in deeply and began to explain. “So while getting us dinner tonight the Canadian guy, the one that plays for our school’s basketball team, walks up to me and starts a conversation. We talk and talk as we wait for our orders to be ready. He’s a very sweet guy, really.” Jim’s eye brows were still raised as though to say he’s still waiting for an answer. And so I continued, “Anyway he asked me to go out with him this weekend and guess where he’s taking me!!” Okay fine, I really didn’t expect him to say what he guessed. “He’s taking me to Nobigdyl’s album launch!!” I know it’s mean but you should have seen the look on Jim’s face when I told him I get to go for the one show he’s been dying to attend. Priceless! Ha!

Oh mhern! Curse my luck. I didn’t want to believe what she just said. I wouldn’t have believed it until she took out her invitation from the bag that held dinner. I struggled to hold back tears. “So you’re going?” I asked, half knowing that it was obvious that she wanted to go. She looked down and let out an ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t get you an invitation too’ before nodding yes to my question. I would never stop my best friend from having a good time so I lied that it was fine. A kiss on the forehead made my lie believable thus giving me the chance to change the topic.

I blew Jim a kiss before leaving the apartment. A taxi was waiting for me downstairs and so I couldn’t wait back any longer. This is going to be fun! There was a last minute notice that the venue of the Album Launch had been changed and so we had to turn back and head towards the other side of town. All the while I looked at the time waiting for it to be exactly an hour since I left the apartment. That hour came and my text to Jim followed:

β€’Jim, I’m scared 😰 The taxi driver has brought me to Regal Centre (the new venue for the show – Jim doesn’t know it was changed) and is demanding a fare way higher than what we agreed on before leaving.

-What? Wait why Regal Centre? Are you okay?

β€’Please just come over Jim, hurry!

I know, I know. I’d probably be the reason Jim might die way before his time but eh. I stood by the bouncer at the entrance waiting for Jim to show. And he did! Looking rather homey. I gave him a tight hug and whispered, “I got us two tickets to the show Jim, there was never a Canadian.” Jim looked at me in disbelief and then at his clothes. His favourite old sweatpants and slippers combo looked back at him. “Look at what I’m wearing! How can I go in now?” he asked still with the disbelief on. I held back my giggle and showed my invitation to the bouncer to be cleared to go in. And of course I turned back to Jim and said totally bursting out in laughter. “Like this Jim, this is how you go in.”


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