Not so ‘Happy Birthday’ yet

My eyes swung open the moment I felt my phone vibrate. I had to change the sound settings from ring because I didn’t want the alarm to wake her up too. That was a success. She was still fast asleep. On a normal day she would have been up already stripping out of her clothes to go take a shower. But the day wasn’t any normal one. It was her Birthday. She probably went to bed angry because I didn’t wish her a happy birthday at 00:00. Before you go on about how forgetful I am you will want to hear this. I was awake at 00:00. I pretended to be asleep so it looked like there was nothing important happening just so I could pull a surprise later in the morning.

Eggs. I could smell eggs and sausages. I opened my eyes and stared at the roof as I listened to all the sizzling that paved way for the aroma to gently fill the air. I bit my lip when I figured that Jim was about to serve me breakfast in bed. Soon after, I saw him walk into the room with a tray that held what looked like a very delicious breakfast. I sat up so I could properly receive my royal treat as Jim neared the bed. He smiled and asked how I was doing before sitting down next to me fixing the tray on his laps. “Oh feeding me breakfast in bed?” I thought dreamily. Perhaps it was a little too early to think that. Jim suddenly started shoving the food down his throat like he hadn’t eaten for days. My eyes widened before I frowned. Does he not remember that today is my birthday?

Oh gosh you should have seen the look on her face! Just so priceless! I wonder what was going through her head as I chewed and drank. I’m definitely glad she didn’t voice any of her thoughts out. I wouldn’t have known how to keep my ‘ignorant’ act going. “Hey Sweets, you look lovely this morning,” I said expecting a ‘you mean to say I don’t look good on other mornings’ response. She just let a forced smile creep up her face. I felt bad. It’s her 18th Birthday and all and I knew how much of a big deal that was. Although what I had planned for later today was totally worth the whole act, I couldn’t stand to see her like this on her birthday. “Hey, go shower yh. We have to leave soon” I voiced out. “Leave? But where to?” she asked rather very curious. I took her hand and planted a kiss at the back of it and insisted on not telling her where we were going. “You’ll know soon.”
Even though she tried to hide the sudden excitement that sparkled in her eyes, I saw right through it. The suspense of it all was killing her.

I finished bathing in record time even I couldn’t believe it. Jim laughed so hard when I walked out of the bathroom 10 minutes after I entered. My face turned red and I tried very hard to slow myself down. But I just couldn’t do it. I was still mad at Jim for not remembering my birthday but I allowed there to be a little hope that he had something up his sleeve. “Maybe it’s a surprise party,” I thought. “There’s only one way to find out!” I had dressed up by the time I left my head and so I turned from the mirror to face Jim. His facial expression could be likened to that of a pirate finally finding the ‘X’ mark. ‘Wow’ was all he could bring himself to say. ‘Just Wow’

“Where are we?” she asked for more than the 20th but less than 50th time. She got an answer when we pulled up to the Fiesta Royale Hotel. I hurried out of the car and went to hold the door of her side open for as long as it took for her to get out of the car. Now knowing that asking me questions would make no difference she allowed herself wonder more. It was the first time either of us had come this close to Fiesta Royale and so we let the excitement sink in. The door men had matching outfits and smiles on. It was as though management intentionally put the nice handsome ones out front to attract potential visitors buzzing around. As the door man for the glass door we wanted to walk in through gently pushed it open, we were embraced by the chill. “Jim?!” she said with excitement, “what now?” I was about admitting that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next when a familiar voice called out.

“Mum?!” I said to myself while trying to put a face to the voice that clearly knew my name. “There they are,” Jim said bringing our search to an end. I still didn’t understand what was going on. Time had been real quiet this whole day; it was time for it to tell. Both our mums were sitting at the table in the restaurant section of the hotel but that wasn’t a surprise. Ever since the hospital incident, they had grown pretty close. It was almost as though they were best friends also, hehe, it’s just that for a long part of her growing up Jim’s mum had a thing against making friends. She told us about how some friends back stabbed her sometime in life. So she’ll rather not call my mum her best friend, but deep down somewhere they both know how close they are. The two mums got up from their seats and gave Jim and I the warmest hugs ever. They wished me a Happy Birthday and asked how my day went. And then I broke down in tears. “Aww Baby, come here,” my mum said wrapping her arm around me. “We’re so sorry we let you go through this whole thing but it was definitely worth it.” I wiped my tears off as mum continued. “Jim told us that you really wanted to visit the Heartbeat Resort & Spa and so his mum and I had to put our purses together to get you both reservations for the week.” I couldn’t believe it. I knew mum couldn’t afford the cost on her own and so going to the resort was but a sighing wish. “Your clothes are in the trunk of the limo waiting outside for you kids,” Jim’s mum added. “If you leave now, you might just make it in time for tonight’s spa session.” I was still in shock. The most exciting shock ever!!

I gave both mums a peck on the cheek and took her hand. She had got all emotional and so she couldn’t find the right words to thank our mums. I waved them bye for us and led my African Bead to the front of the Hotel. As mum said, the limousine was parked there and the chauffeur was already out waiting for us to near the door. He greeted before opening the door ushering us into his luxurious ride. Once he was sure that we were seated and comfy, he took off.
The journey was more quiet than I envisioned it to be. I understood that changing between moods wasn’t my best friend’s strongest suit and so I allowed her to slowly come to terms with the sudden change of plans for the day. I missed her yet we were together all day. I remained distant throughout the day to best sell the lie that I had forgotten it was her birthday. But looking at her staring out through the window, I realised that I probably overdid it.

“Hey,” Jim called out from the other side of the seat. I decided to ignore him and so I closed my eyes and continued to face outside. I felt Jim draw nearer closing up the gap between us. He wrapped his arms around me and guided me to rest my head on his chest. “Happy Birthday Princess Charming,” Jim said gently rubbing his lower cheek against my forehead. “I’m sorry for overdoing my act Love, I got too caught up in giving you the surprise of your life that I didn’t notice that the hours that went by left with your smiles. I would dare not forget an important day like this. Seeing you grow up and knowing that we’ll grow old together is the best feeling and I’m so grateful for this chance. Your beautiful heart continues to get me emotional every time. My birthday wish for you is that you never forget that you’re the only flower I know that bloomed in the darkness that surrounded; that you always remember that the past has no hold over the future and that you alone define what your beauty is. What used to be flaws are now the wings with which you touch the sky everyday. You excel in everything you put your mind to including being a friend. And I love you. I love you so much. So please, get mad all you want but know that you’re stuck with me. You have become my day and so losing you guarantees I won’t have any more tomorrows. I …” Jim said all in one breath.Tears run down my cheeks like strips of grateful rivers and I finally looked up at Jim. His eyes were closed also, desperately trying to hold back more tears. I gave him a peck on a cheek and he opened his eyes. “I love you too Jim,” I said before resuming to my spot on his chest. “Are we there yet? I can’t wait to update the blog!”


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