The Beginning of An End

His lips pressing against my forehead felt so good. For a split second, I forgot that I was mad at Jim and smiled while squinting my eyes. The drawn curtains served their purpose as it allowed the sun’s influence to light up the room. “Good morning Princess,” I heard Jim say now heading towards the bathroom. A response was about leaving my lips but thoughts about the night before caught my tongue. It was back, this feeling of jealousy, and it came back harder. I never thought me to be the jealous type and I have known me for 18 years! “I wonder where these feelings snuck up from,” I thought out loud.
“What feelings?” Jim called out. I covered my mouth with my hands and turned around to face Jim who was wrapped in a towel. Leaning against the door frame that leads to the bathroom, Jim raised his eye brows to remind me that he was still waiting for an answer. “Urm, I’m… I’m in love?” I said, sounding more like I was questioning my voice box for betraying me than answering Jim.

“Ohhh….” I said scratching the back of my head. My eyes desperately raced across the room determined to fix its sight on something other than hers. That failed drastically as I was filling up with questions that forced me to look back at her. “So, who’s the lucky guy?” I finally asked no longer leaning against the door. She smiled and walked to the window. Now looking outside she began, “Oh Jim, you should have seen him. The dark of his pupil had depth I would love to fall in. And when he spoke, it was like words were purposely created for just him. Not because of how he pronounced them, but the fact that when he spoke, my mouth dried up and no words queued to form a reply. His face, almost perfectly symmetrical was complimented with a weak but witty smile all night long. And the best part of it all is that he’s a poet! Jim, you know how much I love poetry,” she said still looking outside the window. She finally turned to look at me and added, “I never thought I’ll find my Knight in shining armour.” I felt my heart beat slow down as thoughts paced to and fro. “Sh*t!”

Jim eyes suddenly looked distant and lost. At first I didn’t think my lie would stick but the fact that I was out all night on my own was enough to let Jim buy my story. I told Jim I needed to get some air and walked out on him before he could fully clear the air on the Clara case. Now, he assumes that I met this ‘new love’ sometime yesterday on my walk. “I’m glad for you Sweets,” Jim said and turned to go continue freshening up. Normally, after pulling a stunt like this I crack up laughing. But today, all I could bring myself to do was sit on the bed and stare at my feet. “We have walked ourselves into trouble,” I giggled to myself.

We were both done picking out clothes for the day and slipped into them. As always I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful blend my African Bead and her dress formed. She had a cute black dress on with length cutting short just a little above her knees. It held her in all the right places. It was the kind of tight that would make a guy want to walk slow so she’s always ahead of him. I opened the door and waited till she walked out before following suit, checking that I had the swipe access card before closing the door shut. I was starving! “I wonder what we’ll be served for breakfast,” she said as we upped the stairs to the terrace where the buffet was. There were a couple of people already awake and eating. We sat at a table for three as all the ones for two were filled. When we were ready, we went to get us some food. Halfway through devouring our sausages and scrambled eggs I feel a figure approaching our table. I wish I hadn’t looked up. “Jimmy!!” Clara exclaimed. She carried her food tray and continued towards our table. “Boy am I glad to see you! We have so much catching up to do.” I forced a smile and swallowed the bite of sausage I forgot was in my mouth. I caught a glance of my African Bead. She had her head down all the time. Gently chewing on her food. “Mind if I sit?” Clara asked looking in my best friend’s direction. “Oh ye…yeah go ahead,” I voiced out to lessen the awkwardness of the moment.

I was about to act up again, and I couldn’t stop myself. This Clara lady is just too loud. I didn’t mind us sharing a table with her but I didn’t like the feeling that came with it. “I couldn’t get your name yesterday,” I heard Clara say. I lifted up my head and pointed to myself, “Me?”.
“Yes dear,” she added. I smiled and told her my name before continuing with my food. “You’re just so beautiful,” Clara added. “I bet you have all the guys in the place crawling at your feet.” I looked at her as she continued to praise my ‘beauty’. “Where is your boyfriend? I bet he’s one hunk of a guy!”
All the while, Jim was quiet. He clearly looked hurt back in the room when I told him about my ‘crush’ on some dude who didn’t even exist. That look was gradually resurfacing. I cleared my throat before answering Clara’s questions. “I’m single, been that for a while…” was all I should have said but seeing her play with Jim’s hand let my tongue run loose, “…but yesterday, I met this cute guy and I’m hoping he’s the one!” I allowed myself to fake a smile to make me look excited. Clara wished me well and used the moment to beg Jim to go to the cinema with her. She added that I could bring my new love along and that we could double date. “Wait!! Did she just say date?” my inner voice asked my hearing. She just low-key fixed herself in between Jim and I and is now trying to make moves on him. “Forget that, where are you going to find a date?” I asked myself.

I couldn’t believe it. She really was head over heels over some dude on the resort. I had totally zoned Clara, who was talking a lot by the way, out and focused most of my senses on the lovely lady who didn’t look up from her food. She looked so innocent. I nodded my head to whatever it was Clara was going on about but not once took my attention from my African Bead. “Could it be that you are someone else’s African Bead now?” I asked myself.


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