Nightmares and Dreams

Before we knew it, Jim and I began kissing ever so passionately. He traced his fingertips down my spine in a manner I thought was only possible in the movies. As his hands reached lower, a soft moan pushed out of my lips in between the kisses and my bust gently popped out, leaving my back arched as my body continued responding to his every touch. Away from my behind, Jim gently caressed the back of my thighs. Well things were gentle till he lifted my right knee to his side and let me wrap my legs around his waist. My left leg followed suit and before I knew it I was hanging on him like a beautiful portrait in an art gallery. I threw my head back when he began planting series of kisses on my neck. All of a sudden things got extra slimy and less comfortable.

“What in the name of … !!” I exclaimed when I woke up to Paws licking the skin off of my face. “Mum?!!!!” I called out after realising she must have come in to draw the curtains earlier and forgot to shut the door behind her as she left the room. Thus, giving Paws the perfect opportunity to come and add special effects to a very ‘oh mhern this better not be a dream’ kind of dream. I bit my lip and shut my eyes when I thought about the dream. I let out a little moan before opening my eyes and coming back to Earth. “Oh my gosh!! Jim has surely reached Edmonton!” I informed Paws who stared at me with his tongue sticking out. I chuckled and roughed up his hair before rushing into the bathroom. It’s my first and God-willing last ever First Year Anniversary. Want to look decent at least before my video chat with Jim. Wait, wait, scratch that – It’s my first and God-willing last ever First Year Anniversary – there will be a second 1st Year Anniversary – our wedding’s!! And it will be something like this; Been together for 6 years, married for 1 year. Ha!

I finally found my phone after a long search. I should have known where it was! These sofas always swallow stuff. There were a good deal of missed calls from a foreign number, a couple of ‘Hellos’ in my dm and unread Snapchat messages. Totally freaking out at the thought of missing what may have been my one chance at hearing from Jim today. I quickly replied to all his texts and tried calling back couple of times after.
“Hey Baby Girl,” mum said quietly as she helped me sit up. “Oh darling, what’s wrong?” she asked when a tear that had probably been queued up before I slept slowly rolled down my cheeks. She quickly wrapped her arms around me and drew me closer. Now in the comfort of her embrace I began, “You didn’t wake me up before leaving home mum. You didn’t. After Paws woke me up, I saw that I had missed all Jim’s calls and now he’s probably asleep somewhere far away. I saw male pants lying in the hall and I panicked. I tried staying in my room but I couldn’t. Every noise reminded me of those nights. I got so scared. I kept seeing him in the corners and behind the shadows, mum. I know I’m a big girl now and should probably know how that Dad can’t touch me anymore but I’m scared. And I can’t help it, the memories came back before I could guard the gates of my mind. I just want to forget everything mum, take it all out of my head!” The tears drowned the rest of the words and suddenly I couldn’t find words to express whatever it was I felt.

“You’re alright Baby,” Mum encouraged before kissing the side of my forehead. “Those were probably Enoch’s clothes in the hall. You know we have been seeing each other for a very long time. I’ll speak to him yh, I’m sure he meant no harm. He’s far different from your dad.” Mum explained. I rolled my eyes and listened on. ” I’m here now my Love. No one will ever lay a finger on your precious skin,” she added. I surprised myself when I couldn’t help but giggle through all the tears when mum said that. I remembered my dream and how much I wanted that to be reality soon. And mum just declared she’ll kill anyone who touches me. “Jimmmmmm,” I stressed interrupting mum. “Jim? What’s wrong with Jim?,” mum asked sounding worried. “Jimmmmm” I repeated before leaving mum’s warm arms and sitting up to face her. She smiled as she waited for me to tell her what suddenly had me cheered up. Mum looked so beautiful whenever she smiled. Mighty beautiful! For a moment there I forgot what I was to say and gently placed the loose strand of her hair back with the rest. And then she chuckled and asked what Jim had got to do with the conversation.

I dreamt earlier,” I started now playing with the tips of my braids . “And in it we were making out.” I bit my lip and smiled uncontrollably as mum’s jaw dropped open leading her into a rather girly giggle. I nodded my head yes and continued. “I want Jim to be the only man I’ll ever make love to, mum. So please don’t be standing outside the door of our honeymoon suite.” She shook playfully before pulling me in for a hug. “What you and Jim have is diamond, my Dear. All of Heaven knows that!”

Just then my Skype Caller notification for Jim began blasting from inside the house. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!’ I screamed very high pitch and gave mum a peck on her cheeks before racing inside.

I hit the green button with so much speed, “Heyyyyy!!!! I’m so sorry. I slept off so I didn’t hear the calls come in. And then I had such a crazy day! And ahhhhh!! Thank you so so much for Paws. I love love love love him.” Jim allowed me go on until I lost my breath. “Hi Imani.”


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