Almost A Silver Lining

“Yes Lili, that’s why Jim had to rush back down here. I’m sure he couldn’t even tell you goodbye.” I explained. “Oh I’m so sorry that this had to happen to you two. I know what life without parents is like and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.” I folded my lips in and tried to hold back tears as Lili continued to speak. “What’s important is that you two be there for each other. I can’t think of any better time for what you have between you and Jim shine most. And don’t worry about how things have changed, yh? I can’t promise that they’ll be back to normal, but I can assure you that you two would rise above it all.”

I walked in on Imani video chatting with Lili. From the look of things and how silent the room got when I walked in, I guess they were talking about the accident. “Hi Lilianna,” I forced a smile. “Hey Jim, how are you doing?” Her question made me chuckle. The kind of laughter that takes over when you realise how quickly you fell from happiness into sorrow with a seemingly endless depth. Still smiling I answered, “To be honest, I don’t know how I’m doing.” When no response came I continued as I walked closer to Imani and the laptop, “I mean I’m alive so that’s a plus. Urm, I run out of tears to shed and so my face can finally be dry.” I stood behind Imani and placed my hands on her shoulders. Out of habit, Imani rubbed her cheek gently on my hand with her eyes shut. “I just thank God for Imani. She’s been the reason I can look at all these dark clouds and imagine a silver lining traced along their edges.” I bowed slightly so I could kiss the side of her forehead before pulling a chair to sit by her side.

I tried so hard to not exclaim ‘Awws’. I really admired Jim and Imani’s love for each other. They were like my inspiration to give love a chance. “I understand, Jim,” I assured. “Things would start to shape up; you’ll see” I knew very well that the couple I was talking to probably didn’t believe that their situation could get better. But someone has to hold on to hope at least. If both of them can’t find it in them to hope for better days for themselves, I would do it for them. After all, they are my friends and their joy makes me happy too. “Anyway, so I got promoted like yesterday. I’m now a supervisor,” I changed the topic. “Oh that’s wonderful!” Imani said sounding genuinely happy for me. Jim just smiled and nodded his head to gesture he was impressed and glad for me as well. “Yhup, no more rushing to go tidy up anymore. No more taking orders from grumpy customers. But I’ll still use the shower in the back though. My apartment has crappy water flow.”
“Wait, what?!” Jim exclaimed. “You have your own apartment now?!” he said breaking into a full smile. “Uh huh,” I nodded. “Where do you think I’m talking to you from now? A renovated orphanage?” I teased. “Oh wow, that’s amazing!” Jim added. “I’m so happy for you!” I blushed a little. “Oh, do show us round, will you?” Imani asked.

“Right, right, lemme swap to the rear view camera,” Lili suggested. After a few seconds, she was ready to give us a tour of her apartment. “Well it’s not as fancy as the picture of the one you two shared back at school but it’s okay. So that’s the washroom; cute little thing. Here we have the kitchen and dining set up. Then there’s the small living room area with a TV to kill boredom with. The bedroom is the only place upstairs,” she pointed out. It was nice to know that Lili was out of the orphanage and had somewhere to lay her head. With this work promotion she just got, hopefully there’ll be a raise in her pay. I don’t know what her next plan is. I’m just happy that even if it requires she saves some money, she’ll still live pretty comfortable. “So when are you coming to visit us?” I asked. “Oh Jim, you know I would have loved to relocate and come live in Ghana too. I can’t wait to see how beautiful it is.”

After speaking to Lili, I shut my laptop’s lid and pulled Jim to come lie down with me. He took off his shirt and climbed into the bed after me. He looked like he lost some weight. A little too much if you ask me. We cuddled close and allowed our skin do the talking. He had his arms around me like he was scared of losing me too. I felt so protected under his warm embrace. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that what happened made Jim grow a little over protective. And not just towards me. He talks to his little sister over the phone almost every night to make sure she’s fine. Visits her in school more than he used to also. He demands I let dad drive me when I have to go do shopping and he’s unavailable. A whole lot. I knew Jim was sweet before, but this is just off the charts. “What are you thinking about Baby?” Jim asked not knowing that he just stole me from my thoughts. “Nothing my Love,” I responded. His arms were wrapped around me from behind so I freaked a little how he knew I was lost in thoughts without having to see my face first. I turned to face him and whispered, “Kiss me Jim, kiss m…”

My lips were already caressing hers before she could complete her request. I missed the way she moans in between our kisses, and how her eyes fall back into their sockets when I plant kisses tracing from her neck downwards. It took a lot of self control to not have sex while we were in school last semester. I was proud of us for that. Today didn’t seem like we would be able to pull away before I got into her undies. I lost all control of myself the moment she moaned a ‘please don’t stop’ and took position on top of her. The duvet fell to the ground and so did her shirt. I sucked on the sides of her neck some more as she helped me unhook her bra. Now with nothing between our skins but her panties, things got heated up and her moans got louder. Her arms wrapped around me tight when my kisses deserted her neck and headed downwards. I could feel her legs rub against the portion of my thighs just underneath my butt cheeks. Before we knew it, I ripped off her panties and held it to my nose. A long sniff of it was enough to drive me totally insane. I slid my hands between her thighs and the bed and pulled her closer. She spread her right leg apart from her body and allowed her left leg hang on my arm. I could feel how wet she was at that moment and knew she wanted it as bad as I did. That made me want to make love to her the more.
And then the phone rang. Of course we ignored it so it went to voicemail. Just before I could penetrate and officially record today as the first time I ever had sex, the voicemail blasted through and it was Dad’s voice. “Come to the hospital as soon as you get this, kids!! Linda is awake!! Imani’s mum is awake!!

I was shocked. Surprised at how fast God answered our prayers but even shocked the more what bad timing dad has. “Just a little,” I requested. Even I laughed. I climbed off Imani and lied on my back by her side. Both staring at the roof, with no clothes on, sweating profusely, and smiling wide, her hand found mine. “Mum is really awake,” Imani repeated.


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