When we did finally fall in Love our pens cushioned our fall

Our ink spill drew us closer and together hand-in-hand we stood tall

Felt so high up Love couldn’t blind us with its famous ‘don’t notice the flaws’ wall

Love swept us off our feet so that our pens can gather the dirt under the rug resting on our hearts’ floor

We knew that the only way to make up for the lost battles was to make sure we won the war

We carried our pencil case to the battlefield because we understood that the pen is greater than the sword

Our enemies did nothing but make us one for I became a lion and she was my loud roar

We’re about to tell you the story about how victory was ours and why we are proof that love does conquer all.

“No Sooner Met But They Looked, No Sooner Looked But They Loved, No Sooner Loved, But They Sighed, No Sooner Sighed But They Asked One Another The Reason.”

                                               – William Shakespeare


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