Author’s Note

Hey Heart, I want you to know that it is with great honor, as well as it is a privilege, to have been able to write for you. I would like to thank you for joining me on this 25 chapter long journey. I won't lie; there have been times I almost put the cap …

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Peace In The Storm

"Slow down," I begged. I was out of breath so I had to stop to rest. Imani didn't look like she heard me. She kept on dashing through the doors and slowly got swallowed by the distance her speed had placed between us. After a few pants, I run after Imani. "Hey baby Girl," I …

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Almost A Silver Lining

"Yes Lili, that's why Jim had to rush back down here. I'm sure he couldn't even tell you goodbye." I explained. "Oh I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you two. I know what life without parents is like and I wouldn't wish it on anybody." I folded my lips in and tried …

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Heart’s Dance

"Hey, are you up?" I whispered not expecting a response. I could tell she was up. That's the only reason I haven't yelled a single 'ouch' all night. If she was asleep, the bed would have been a kick boxing ring. Since mum passed things never went back to 'normal'. The mere thinking of putting in …

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Last Breath 

"... I know baby, but still, 2 months sounds far far far" Imani said while pomading her legs. Although the lighting in a room was rather dim, I could make out the brand of body lotion she was using. "Hey! We use those here!" I stated with enthusiasm. Now wondering what at all I was blabbering …

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Mutual Friend

"You have never worked in a restaurant before, have you?" Lili asked. She clearly knew I lied but I was more concerned with what gave me away. I shook my head no and smiled waiting to see how she took it. "I knew it!" Lili responded, “you just said that to make me let you …

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Passing Time.

I woke up to my 6 AM alarm blasting. "Urghh," I exclaimed blowing out the strands of hair that got caught in my mouth. I walked up to my drapes and shifted them to the side hoping to have a dramatic encounter with the sun's rays that should have come bursting through the glass windows. …

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…Your Own Cup Of Coffee

Her name is [ I haven't asked her yet but I'm sure it's pretty] and she worked part time at what grew to be my favourite café. I still can't tell if I fancied the place because of their delicious breakfast treats or her presence there. "Hi Sir, what can I offer you?" she asked …

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Different Strokes

It's been a week since I touched down and not much has happened. It took me some time to adjust to Canadian time, 'almost'. There are still those nights when my eye lids pop open at midnight with no instructions on how to get them to shut again. Luckily for me, those nights were far …

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Nightmares and Dreams

Before we knew it, Jim and I began kissing ever so passionately. He traced his fingertips down my spine in a manner I thought was only possible in the movies. As his hands reached lower, a soft moan pushed out of my lips in between the kisses and my bust gently popped out, leaving my …

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